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About IHC

On Top of the World With IHC!

International Homes of Cedar

  • Has been producing homes for over 50 years.

  • Has homes in all 50 states and 18 different countries, from the bottom of South America to North of the Arctic Circle.

  • We have hundreds of homes in states such as Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, and Colorado.

  • Uses a patented system of interlocking, laminated timbers.

  • Received a patent in 2013 for our unique foam core Thermo-Lam III timber.

  • Uses only kiln-dried Inland Western Red Cedar or Ponderosa Pine.

  • Has in-house custom design services.

  • Delivers unmatched strength and durability.

  • Offers a wide selection of standard designs.

Since 1966, International Homes of Cedar has been a leading manufacturer of timber homes, resorts and commercial structures. Our system of patented interlocking engineered timbers sets the standard for beauty and performance.

Built with kiln-dried Inland Western Red Cedar or Ponderosa Pine, an IHC home is rugged enough to withstand snow, wind and earthquakes better than most other building systems. You'll certainly appreciate the energy efficiency of a IHC home.

With an in-house team of design professionals, we can work with you to create exactly the right floor plan for your lifestyle. You can choose from our wide collection of standard designs, modify an existing plan, or start completely from scratch.

We know that whether you are planning a custom home or a small recreational cabin, it can be one of the major decisions of your life. We welcome the opportunity to join you on this exciting journey.

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Services Provided by IHC and its Dealers

  • Free Estimates on custom plans and modified IHC standard plans.

  • Conceptual design service included with our packages. No extra charges for custom designs.

  • Engineered and approved building plans specific to your building site.

  • Assistance with financial lenders for both construction and long term financing who are familiar with the IHC product.

  • Guaranteed material quantities to build your home to lock up.

  • Scheduling freight and delivery of your IHC package to the job site, no matter where it is located.

  • Assistance with solving any problem with the assembly of the IHC Package or any concerns, should they arise at the job site.

IHC Leadership

Rodney Robertson

Rodney Robertson, President

Rodney was born and raised in Alaska, where his father was a contractor, and his mother was a school teacher. As a young man, he got his commercial pilots license, his Coast Guard Captains license, and earned an Electrical Engineering degree from MIT. After working at Motorola, British Petroleum, and Apple Computers, he started his own software development and consulting firm. He took over as president of IHC in the summer of 2001.